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Complete food

Nature Land COMPLETE
for Mice & Rats 700 g

Complete food mixture developed specifically for the nutritional needs of rats and mice. The food contains a variety of cereals, plenty of seeds, crunchy fruits and vegetables. For better palatability, some grains are prepared into flakes and splits in the food. The food is enriched with animal proteins that the rats and mice need for their life. Thanks to carefully selected composition it has a positive effect on the health and fitness of your pet. Recommended feeding instructions: Feed daily as needed. Do not overfeed. Give your pet tooth grinding products such as toys and small branches – for example, from the Nature Land NIBBLE family. We recommend to give your pet also some additional food from the Nature Land BRUNCH family. Ensure unrestricted access to fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not give wet, steamy or otherwise degraded feed! Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: wheat flakes, oats 11 %, wheat 10 %, maize flakes, maize 8 %, oat flakes, pea flakes 6 %, la plata millets, vegetables (dried parsley, dried carrot, dried beetroots), wheat puffed, carob 3 %, graminaceous seeds, meat (dried beef, dried chicken 0,9 %, dried fish), extruded cornmeal, linseed, striped sunflower seeds, dried date fruit, rice, dried meal worms 0,5 %.

Crude protein 12,9 %
Crude fat 5,5 %
Crude fiber 3,9 %
Crude ash 2,5 %

Package size:

700 g – ID: 905-10132