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Nature Land COMPLETE
for Guinea Pigs

Complete food mixture developed specifically for the needs of guinea pigs. It contains a large number of herbs to support the immune system. Due to its composition, the food is a source of vitamin C that the guinea pigs need for their life. The high fibre content in the food helps to naturally grind the teeth while also has a positive effect on digestion. Recommended feeding instructions: Serve 4-7 times per week, always give with Nature Land HAY. It can be supplemented with food from the Nature Land BOTANICAL family. Ensure unrestricted access to fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not give wet, steamy or otherwise degraded feed! Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: Dried plant life which grows on the permanent pastures of the Alpine foothills, pea flakes 11,4 %, vegetables (dried carrots, dried parsley 2,1 %, dried parsnips, dried beetroots), herbs (dried marigold blossoms 2 %, dried nettle, dried peppermint 1,1 %, dried melissa, dried dandelion, dried chamomile), dried apples 4 %, horse bean flakes 3,3 %, dried lucerne, linseed, black cumin seed, fennel seed.

Crude protein 13,1 %
Crude fat 2,7 %
Crude fiber 16,8 %
Crude ash 15,5 %

Package size:

600 g – ID: 905-10152

1,4 kg – ID: 905-10154