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Nature Land HAY
with Beetroot 650 g

Complementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other species of herbivores. Hay is a tasty and natural part of your animal’s daily diet. Thanks to the beetroot, our hay from plants growing on Alpine meadows contains many natural antioxidants, which protect your pet from harmful environmental factors. Its natural fibre content helps to promote good digestion in rabbits, guinea pigs and similar animals. Fibre is also important for the proper growth and sharpening of the teeth of some other small animal species, so they should have access to hay at all times.

Composition: mountain meadow hay 96 %, dried beetroot 4 %

Crude protein 12,5 %
Crude fat 2,2 %
Crude fiber 24,4 %
Crude ash 7,9 %

Package size:

650 g – ID: 905-70154