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Fruit bowl 120 g

Supplementary food for rabbits and rodents. Hardwood bowl is filled with a fruit mixture. Your pet will enjoy nibbling the contents, whilst biting wood provides natural dental care. Empty bowl can then be refilled with your pet’s favorite feed. Recommended feeding instructions: Serve as a supplement to the complete feed. The animal must have unrestricted access to fresh drinking water at all times. Store in a cool, dry place, protect from direct sunlight. Do not feed damp, moist or otherwise impaired food! Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: Deciduous wood, filling (extruded cornmeal, dried bananas 22%, corn flakes, carob, dried pineapple 7,2%, dried apricots 4,8 %, dried beetroots 2,2%, dried lucerne, extruded ricemeal, dried carrots).

Crude protein 5,8 %
Crude fat 8,7 %
Crude fiber 3,3 %
Crude ash 1,8 %
Package size:

120 g – ID: 905-35014