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Wooden bowl with herbs 120 g

Supplementary food for rabbits and rodents. Hardwood bowl is filled with a delicious mixture of parsley, rose and marigold medical petals. Your pet will enjoy nibbling the contents, whilst biting wood provides natural dental care. Empty bowl can then be refilled with your pet’s favorite feed. Recommended feeding instructions: Serve as a supplement to the complete feed. The animal must have unrestricted access to fresh drinking water at all times. Store in a cool, dry place, protect from direct sunlight. Do not feed damp, moist or otherwise impaired food! Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: deciduous wood, filling (dried parsley 39%, yellow millet, Starch, Maize flakes, red millet, dried rose blossoms 0,2%, dried marigold 0,2%).

Crude protein 12,5 %
Crude fat 3,0 %
Crude fiber 8,9 %
Crude ash 7,8 %

Package size:

120 g – ID: 905-35015